2 April 2015

PPM Delayed, Project Plasma v1.0.1 Coming Instead

No this is not an April Fools Prank (mostly because it's 2:05am here and the date is April 2nd now)

So I've unfortunately had to delay the release of Project Plasma Mobile to 12th April from the originally planned date of 31st March. However, to make up for this I've decided to bring out Project Plasma v1.0.1 which will come with minor changes and fixes. I also, for the first time ever, have decided to release this changelog before releasing the update.

The changelog for the upcoming update is as follows:

  • The first log disc no longer needs ultra-hard mode to be acquired  (This reverses the change made to it in the previous update)
    • There will likely be an incentive to encourage players to play on ultra-hard mode.
  • Spiraller (level 2 boss) now gives more cash upon death. (900 up from 750)
  • Larva (level 1 boss) now fires missiles at a reduced rate.
As for the demo that will most likely arrive in the 1.0.2 which will arrive on Easter. The 1.0.2 update will be dubbed the "Easter Update" which was originally going to be the 1.0.1 update.

Also don't expect many more updates on Project Plasma, as I do have PPM to finish off as well as Mystery Game 1 to plan out and start working on. There will be probably at least two, maybe three updates after this one but that will likely be it since I will be allocating my time towards my future projects.

The only PP update you can expect between now and the release of PPM would be the 1.0.2 update, after that there will probably be a 1.0.3 update at some point maybe another one or two updates following it. After that though that will be it for PP and I'll be moving on to new pastures so to speak.

The upload process for the 1.0.1 update will begin on April 2nd at 8:30pm BST.

UPDATE: Currently I'm having issues regarding the game's icon. For some reason I can export the game, but the icon will be blanked (well fucking done GameMaker 8.1.) Hopefully I'll be able to resolve this before upload time but if I can't then I will still upload the game at that time as normal since it's only affecting the icon and isn't actually affecting the game itself. Regardless, this just adds yet another reason as to why I'll be ditching GM 8.1 for the more modern and far more obedient Game Maker: Studio.

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