30 May 2015

New Game Naming Scheme!

Mystery Game 1 is dead.

Say hello to CHAOS 3!

CHAOS 3 is the new codename for Mystery Game 1. Why CHAOS 3? Because this is Chaos Symbol, and Mystery Game 1 is Chaos Symbol's third game. Hence, Chaos 3rd, or CHAOS 3.

This is a matter I brought back in late-February when I introduced the concept of Bonus Games to you all (see here) but I'll reiterate some of the key things relating to this here. Using Mystery Game 1, Mystery Game 2, Mystery Game 3, and so on just seems too relative - in other words after Mystery Game 1 is done, Mystery Game 2 would become Mystery Game 1 and so on. With a naming convention like CHAOS 1/2/3.etc, that issue completely goes away.

Here are first five CHAOS games.
  • CHAOS 1 - Project Plasma
  • CHAOS 2 - Project Plasma Mobile
  • CHAOS 3 - Mystery Game 1
  • CHAOS 4 - Bonus Game 1 (to be released with CHAOS 3 as a pre-order bonus)
  • CHAOS 5 - Project Plasma 2
And there you have it, I also revealed my next project after CHAOS 3 and CHAOS 4 are both done (I'm combining those into one game project but they have different codenames because they are different games.)

So from now on, there is no Mystery Game 1, just CHAOS 3. Have fun.

Next post may very well be a rant, this one is long overdue. I will also be updating and appending a long section onto one of my previous rants. Stay tuned.

22 May 2015

Mystery Game 1 - Now In Production!

I am happy to announce that production has now officially started on Mystery Game 1! Mystery Game 1 is a platformer game which will be designed to run at full HD resolution - that's 1920x1080, although if your computer is running on a lower or higher resolution it will be scaled downwards/upwards to fit your monitor's resolution.

A release date is not yet known but I'm hoping to have Mystery Game 1 out by late-September/early-October this year, putting its release around Project Plasma's first anniversary (23rd September.) Mystery Game 1 will also be up for pre-order hopefully around mid-August where people who pre-order the game will be able to bag a special bonus game!

Names have been decided for Mystery Game 1 and its accompanying bonus game, but will not be revealed until nearer the release. Expect to see teasers for the next game flooding down my Twitter wall over the next few months along screenshots of the game and no, it won't be a half-arsed prototype like Project Plasma Mobile nor will it be up as an initial open beta - this is a full game and will likely be released as such although I reserve the right to change this if I see fit.

Mystery Game 1's production would have started around 6-7 weeks ago during my college's Easter holidays however this unfortunately didn't happen due to coursework and Project Plasma Mobile being delayed. I am still yet to put an update up for that to increase its level count from 8 to 10 however PPM really isn't at the top of my priorities right now since it is just a prototype.

It has been over a month since I posted here so I figured this post would also be a good way of giving this blog a bit of a reboot.

Watch this space...