3 April 2015

Project Plasma Mobile 2 Won't Happen

One point of interest lately is Project Plasma Mobile which as people who have been following this blog are aware, has had its release pushed back to April 12th but there is one question remaining here.

What about PPM2?

Well it's not gonna happen. This is because Project Plasma is too complex to port to a touchscreen device such as a tablet or smartphone without having to sacrifice some of its key mechanics and not making any sacrifices like this will result in an extremely hard to play game that would work fine with a keyboard or controller, but it wouldn't work too well with a touchscreen as you'll more than likely find out when PPM is released.

PPM will still go ahead as planned as I've promised to have this title released, and there will definitely be a PP2 (for the PC) but there will be no PPM2 as I simply feel the game is too advanced for a touchscreen device, and that complexity will only go up with PP2.

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