24 November 2014

Project Plasma v0.9.4 Changelog

PP v0.9.4 is now live. It's nothing too fancy, just a few bug fixes and tweaks. I would've had it up a day earlier but I was hit with a nasty spell of food poisoning which came in tandem with a stinging headache and I just didn't feel up to doing anything but lying down with the lights off and the curtains shut, not to mention I had to hang my head over a toilet and yell RALPH if you catch my drift.

Anyway, enough of my food poisoning experiences, on with the changelog!
  • The boss attack version of Seeker now has 16000 health as well (I forgot to increase the boss attack version's health in the last update.)
  • Each of Seeker's attack phases have been recalculated according to its updated health values.
  • Bullets from the scrolling turrets (levels 9, 10, and 17) now move slightly faster. (9 speed up from 8)
  • Level 9 boss renamed to Sprinter (previously called "Juliet" but this name made no sense)
PP v0.9.5 will be a big update, far bigger than any of the previous updates however it will also take much longer as it will primarily be a graphical update. It will also feature major improvements to levels 7 and 11. The extra level will also be heavily affected by this update.

9 November 2014

Project Plasma v0.9.3 Changelog

PP v0.9.3 is now live and it comes shipped primarily with slight tweaks to some of the bosses as well as the game's Epilepsy mode. It also contains a couple of bug fixes.

  • Epilepsy mode now affects more things. (More info on Epilepsy Mode here.)
  • Seeker's health increased to 16000 (up from 15000.)
  • Seeker's cash reward increased to 3050 (up from 3000)
  • Seeker's score reward increased to 4400 (up from 4200)
  • Sniper's fire rate has been decreased slightly.
  • Effect bullet trails are now layered below objects rather than above them. (So any effect bullet trails won't obscure the HUD anymore)
  • The status icons that show that the player is under the influence of a certain effect are now laid out correctly and no longer obscure each other if the player is under the influence of multiple effects.
    • What I mean by this is, there are two rows in the HUD where the status icons are. These icons are located at the far right edge of the HUD and show when the player is under the influence of a certain effect triggered by an effect bullet. Before, the "Silence" and "Switch" effect bullets stacked on top of the "Immobilise" and "Jam" icosn so if you became immobilised and then you got hit with a silencer effect bullet - the silencer effect icon would that the immobiliser icon as they were both on the row. The same applies for the Jam and Switch icons. This has been fixed and you can now see all of the effect bullets.
You find the game at the usual location: http://archangelatom.itch.io/project-plasma

Happy gaming!