4 April 2015

Project Plasma v1.0.2 and Voiceless Info

Two things being covered this time. Project Plasma's Easter Update and Voiceless.

First up is PP v1.0.2 which is coming tomorrow. This version will include many fixes and changes, however perhaps the biggest change will be the PP demo which is coming tomorrow. This demo will feature the first four levels of Project Plasma plus level 17. After level 17 the game will end and abruptly take you to a screen which will in turn take you to the main menu. This demo will be a free download open to anyone who is interested in buying the game but wants to try before they buy.

Because this game is a demo, it will not be guaranteed to get the latest updates (e.g. when v1.0.3 comes out, the full version will get it, but the demo will not.) In fact, the demo will only be subject to updates when something that is included in the demo version has been changed, so for example, if an update changes something in level 18 and nothing then the demo won't be updated, however if there is a change to level 2 then both the full version and the demo will receive that update.

To start, both the demo and the full version will be on the same version (v1.0.2) however the demo may or may not receive the v1.0.3 update, however this depends on what is being changed.

Next up is Voiceless. Don't remember it? It was a game project I was working on a few months back before the release of Project Plasma v0.9.7 however I decided to postpone it. This game has not been cancelled completely, only postponed, however I'd just like to say that Voiceless probably won't be in my mainstream line of games (as in one of my main releases.) Instead it will likely be a bonus game that will be available as a pre-order bonus to people who pre-order another mainstream game.

Voiceless will NOT be Mystery Game 1's bonus game, I have something else planned for that.

More info on bonus games can be found here.
1st January 2016 Update: Voiceless has now been completely cancelled and is not going to be developed.

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