7 March 2016

Going on a Short Hiatus

Back in January I put up a short blog post about how I was suffering from a burnout and how I felt disillusioned by the prospects of game development. My situation has not changed (it's got slightly worse if anything) I've decided to take a short break from game development for the time being. However the fact I'm suffering from a burnout isn't the only reason I'm going on hiatus. I'm at that point in my college year where there's an awful lot of work being given out to me and for obvious reasons it's important that I get this done. If I don't do the work I fail the course which means no qualification for me.

So I'll be using this hiatus to do any outstanding coursework and assignments that need to be done. On top of this, I'll also be spending this time on fulfilling other personal interests of mine. I will also be learning a few code languages as well (Python specifically, but others as well.)

In bullet points:

  • I'll be keeping this blog active and will still post throughout my hiatus. (Just probably not about game development although sales may still be announced here.)
  • I'll be keeping my Twitter account active and will still tweet things.
  • Any sales I have planned in the interim will proceed as normal. (These will still be announced on this blog and on Twitter.)
  • I'm not cancelling any currently ongoing game dev projects I have. (Iron for example)
  • I will still look at and occasionally post on the itch.io community forum.
  • No one has driven me to this - this is my own personal decision.
  • Game development will hopefully resume by the end of May.
And on that note...