18 April 2015

An Apology To Those Who Do Follow-4-Follow (Mini Rant)

I would also like to apologise to those who follow me in the hopes of getting a follow-back. I'm sorry that I don't do follow-to-follow and I'm sorry you aren't interested in my content and I'm also sorry for letting you down with all of that.

And I TOTALLY meant all what I just said up there...

Look it says in my damn Twitter profile description in big all-caps that I don't do follow-4-follow...
It doesn't take a fucking rocket scientist to work this out...
If you choose to follow me for the sole reason for wanting a follow-back then you're gonna be disappointed. If you want followers then earn followers by posting interesting content, not follow others in the hopes of getting a follow-back - that's just fucking cheap.

This rant isn't aimed at people who follow others because they are interested in their content, this is directed at people who follow others in the hopes that they will get a cheap follow-back. This rant could also apply to sub-4-subbers on YouTube who do a similar thing to get subscribers.

End of what could very well be the shortest rant you'll see on this blog ever.

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