5 April 2015

Project Plasma v1.0.2 (Easter Update) Changelog

Happy Easter everyone!

As promised, PP v1.0.2 has now been released with some minor changes and fixes. This is a comparably large update as opposed to the previous updates we've had on this game so while v1.0.1 may have been worth the skip, this one is worth downloading.

This update is massive, even bigger than I expected it to be. Hell, I'd say this update is bigger than the v0.9.5 and v0.9.6 updates (possibly combined) I made back in December 2014 (and they were both pretty big.)

  • PROJECT PLASMA DEMO IS NOW UP. This has been a long-awaited feature among those who are wanting to try before they buy. I really should have released this on the v1.0 update but I completely forgot so here it is now!
  • Fortress (level 12 boss) is now slightly more aggressive in its behaviour.
    • Fortress's shield segments now have 50 health. (Down from 100)
    • Fortress only has 5 shield segments as it was somewhat glitchy with 6.
    • Fortress will now attack when 3 of its shield segments are down. (Down from 4)
      • Remember: You need to use the Machine Gun to destroy Fortress's shield! All other weapons are completely ineffective against it!
  • Made some amendments to the Spritework Documentation.
    • It is now called "Graphics Documentation" and now includes some of the backgrounds which were made with WeaveSilk. I didn't know that any works made with this tool were licensed under Creative Commons Attributions. In other words, I can still use them for commercial purposes, however I need to give credit.
  • Project Plasma's executable file (plasma.exe) now has an icon again.
    • Turns out a recent update to Avast AntiVirus was preventing GameMaker 8.1 from exporting the executable's icon. Another reason to move away from GM 8.1 I guess.
  • Crystalline is now available to fight in Boss Attack.
  • Outpost Reactor Core's icon on the Boss Attack menu is correct.
    • It was originally just a plain, solid circle, which is what the reactor core originally looked like pretty much.
  • Changed the menu button's position so it shouldn't move up slightly when at the top of the level (aka boss fight.)
  • Menu background now appears on level 25 when the player calls up the in-game menu.
    • This fix has also been carried over to the boss attack levels.
  • Repair capsules are now visible on boss attack levels.
    • This fix has also been carried over to the tutorial level, if you somehow manage to get a repair capsule there that is.
  • New sprite for the blue homing enemy that constantly follows you (seen mainly on levels 3, 4, and 5.)
    • This enemy now has a red centre as opposed to a blue one.
    • The version that throws itself at you has also seen a colour change (to purple) whereas the version that flies along an irregular, drunken path across the screen and back is still blue.
      • The purple variant also rotates at a modest pace.
  • Fixed Spiraller's boss name only showing up as "Spiral" on level 2.
  • More enemies added to level X.
  • Fixed glitchy loading bar.
    • This wasn't an issue in v1.0.1, however in an unreleased version between v1.0.1 and v1.0.2 (v1.0.1_01?) the icon graphic was the loading bar for some weird reason.

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