26 January 2015

Changes in the Pricing System

So as some people may have found out, the pricing on Project Plasma changed from £1.00 to $1.00 USD. This is due to the new system itch.io has put in place to counter the impact the new bullshit VAT MOSS system. However, because itch.io is based in the United States, this system limits me to only charging in US Dollars.

This is good news for you guys as it means you can get my games cheaper as the value of one US Dollar is less than that of one pound. (No offence intended here, this is just due to the currencies and shit) Before, someone in the states had to pay around $1.50 to buy Project Plasma, however you can now buy it for just $1.00 whereas someone in the UK just needs to pay around 66p (£0.66) to buy it.

Please note however that I don't know how long this will go on for, as if itch.io puts in a system that allows me to set the currency in their new payment method to a developer's home currency (in my case GBP) I will be setting it back to that simply because it's easier for me to handle for obvious reasons but it does mean you can get Project Plasma at an even lower price now, even if it may be just for the short run.

So thank you VAT MOSS, but fuck you VAT MOSS as well.

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