13 January 2015

Voiceless Postponed Indefinitely

1st January 2016 Update: This game has now been completely cancelled and is not going to be developed. This blog post remains up for archiving purposes.

The game project Voiceless I mentioned in the previous post has been indefinitely postponed. This is NOT a cancellation, the project will resume at some point however I have no idea when I will be resuming it. The reason why I'm postponing is because I have two titles coming up in March and I really need to get these done. These games being Project Plasma and its mobile cousin.

I promised you guys these games will come in March. PP v0.9.7 will be coming before March obviously, but PP Mobile will be released mid-March along with hopefully PP v1.0.0. As admittedly, not much work has been done on PP Mobile, and it needs to be done.

Voiceless is on the list though, like I said, it's been postponed indefinitely - not cancelled completely.

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