18 January 2015

Project Plasma v0.9.7 Changelog (Final Open Beta)

Well here we are. The very last open beta update for Project Plasma. While this isn't as big as the two giants that came before it (referring to v0.9.5 and v0.9.6) it does contain a few tweaks and bug fixes that I'm sure you'll appreciate.
  • Fixed bug in the shop where you needed to have 10 cash to buy Directional Cannon ammo despite the price being reduced to 5 in the previous update.
  • Tempest will no longer fire switch bullets in its second attack phase.
  • Repair capsule cost decreased to 5000. (Down from 7000)
  • Fixed Dynast's left wing being higher up than it should be. It is now in the correct place.
  • Dynast's immobiliser bullets during its sixth phase now fire every six seconds. (Up from every two seconds.)
  • Dynast's collision box was bugged on its sixth phase and onwards. This has been fixed.
  • Cursor now shows up on the intermission screen after the boss fight with Dynast.
    • Same applies for the intermission screen after the credits following the Heroic ending.
  • Thin lasers shot by the bosses Dynast and Crystalline now do 20 damage. (Up from 15)
    • This only applies to the mini-lasers shot by those two bosses, the larger, full size lasers fired by Equinox (as well as Dynast during its sixth attack phase) will still result in instant death.
As this is the very last open beta update for this game this is pretty much last chance saloon for those wanting to get this game at a reduced price! As you can imagine, v1.0.0 will likely be a very big update, possibly the biggest one yet.

Also another thing which I really should've mentioned earlier, I have now added links to the past changelogs for versions of Project Plasma (and any games I make in the future) as well as a link to a Google Spreadsheet listing any sales that you may or may not have missed. Go check those out at well if you're curious.

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