16 February 2015

Project Plasma Mobile Info

Since PP Mobile is in the works I figured I'd post some info about what's coming. This includes things like device requirements and what you should expect.

First off, the OS. The game will be an Android-exclusive game that is compatible with devices running Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher. The game won't use any fancy 3D graphics like many other Android games out there use, but it will still lag on some older phones. One of the devices I tested it on was a Samsung Galaxy Y. Not only did one of the weapons not work properly, but it also lagged immensely. I tested it out on a quad-core tablet and an octa-core phone however and both of those devices ran the game without any problems.

Device Specifications

If your device runs a dual-core CPU or above (aka most smartphones and tablets out there) you should be fine, hell the main reason why the Galaxy Y lagged is down to its low RAM and old chipset so even if your device has a single-core processor it should still run well if it has a competent chipset and a healthy amount of RAM. Here are some specs that I suggest, note that these are merely rough estimates.

Minimum Specs

1.0Ghz CPU or higher (architecture shouldn't matter - it should run it all the same)
GPU that supports a resolution of 960x540 at least (although the display doesn't have to use this)
Multi-touch (at least 3-point)
Android 2.3 Gingerbread or later

Recommended Specs

1.0Ghz dual-core CPU (or 2.0Ghz single-core) or higher
5-point multi-touch
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later

As you can see by those specs, all modern phones nowadays should be able to meet the above requirements. Most phones nowadays have dual-core or quad-core CPUs with the occasional octa-core device being sold somewhere. Multi-touch is a feature supported by around 99.5% of smartphones today and all modern GPUs are able to support at least 1920x1200 (the new Snapdragons can even go to 3840x2160 I believe, that's 4K HD for those aren't up on all the tech stuff) so that's certainly not a problem and I really don't think anyone in their right mind will be releasing a device with anything below 4.3, let alone 2.3 on now we have 4.4 KitKat and now 5.0 Lollipop.

The game will run at a resolution of 960x540 since some older devices have chipsets that can't handle anything much higher. The sacrifice that's been made here is of course the fact that the game won't look so sharp, especially on phones or tablet with larger screens, the Sony Xperia Z3, THL W300, or the LG G3 to list a couple of examples.

The Interface

The interface may be a little hard to handle on smaller devices (screen sizes lower than 4.5'' especially) but tablet and phablet users should have little trouble playing the game. If your device's screen is 5.0'' or bigger you should be fine. Most devices have screen sizes similar to this nowadays so most people should be fine, even if your screen size isn't this big you probably won't have much trouble playing it. Here is what the game will look like during gameplay.
Project Plasma Mobile running on a Medion Lifetab E7318 (Android 4.2 Jelly Bean)
Yes I know the photo is sub-par. It's only for demonstration purposes anyway. The arrows used to previously control your ship are no longer in use, you now control the ship by touching the playable area and moving the ship to where you want to go.

Weapon Changes

As playing a bullet hell shooter is much harder on a touchscreen device than it is on a PC or games console, I have made a couple of the weapons more effective.
  • Directional Cannon has been removed. This gun would be near-impossible to use on a touchscreen, especially considering the player controls their ship by touching the playing area on the device's screen.
  • The spread shot is now slightly faster in the mobile version. (It has same fire rate as the Trident.)
  • Plasma Shot's snaking path is now wider and it has a somewhat increased fire rate over the PC version, it also moves at an increased speed (8 as opposed to the PC version's 6)
  • Missile launcher ammo boxes give 50 missiles as opposed to 25.
  • Trident ammo boxes give 300 ammo as opposed to 150.
  • Spreadshot ammo boxes give 500 ammo as opposed to 400. (Due to the fire rate increase)
  • Side-missiles removed. (For now, they might come back later in development)
And now the enemy weapon changes
  • The purple shot bullets now deal 7 damage as opposed to the 5 damage in the PC version.


I originally planned to put a price tag of £1.75 on the game, however as I want to release the game as a prototype idea first, I will be making it free. This will allow you guys you get a free game and I will be able to get feedback on whether a mobile Project Plasma is a good idea or whether it should be shitcanned. If a PPM2 is released though, that will likely have a price tag on it. It won't be too high though, most likely the aforementioned £1.75, possibly even a bit lower.

There will be no micro-transaction system of any kind in the game, the game will be 100% free. However because this is merely being released as a prototype, there probably won't be many updates for it except for a few bug fixes.

The good news is because this game will be free it opens up the possibility of putting in Google Play as it turns out the issue I brought up earlier in this blog about Google forcing you to put your home address and all that down only applies for paid apps I believe. This is something I'll need to do some research on though, more on that soon.

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