9 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo Tragedy-based Game Project

1st January 2016 Update: This game has now been completely cancelled and is not going to be developed. This blog post remains up for archiving purposes.

So anyway, I've been having trouble with PP Mobile as well now due to the fact that I need to re-download Android SDK which I haven't done yet. However, to sort of bridge the gap I've came up with another game idea which I will admit, isn't all that big, in fact it's likely to be about half the size of Project Plasma, but I feel it makes a very solid point.

The game is about the Charlie Hebdo tragedy a couple of days ago. The game's purpose is to spread awareness of the impact the shootings have had on the families and those close to the shooting victims. The game's title has not been completely decided as of yet but it will most likely be "Je Suis Charlie" or something along the lines of that.

This game will be completely free however you may make a donation if you wish since itch.io allows for people pay extra for a game if they think it looks good. I will not be pocketing all of this money for myself though and I will make sure it goes toward a good and charitable cause, preferably one that helps relatives of tragedy victims like this recover.

I will post an update upon the game's release, it should hopefully be out on the 13th, but hopefully it will be out sooner if possible.

UPDATE: The game is going to be called "Voiceless."Unlike Project Plasma and its mobile equivalent, it will be made in RPG Maker VX Ace rather than GameMaker.

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