15 August 2015

A Change of Plan

I've recently been dwelling on the development of CHAOS 3 and CHAOS 4. While CHAOS 3 has now been going relatively well the development progress of the bonus game CHAOS 4 has been... questionable.

I have devoted all my effort and resources on CHAOS 3 which is obviously going to be the main game I'll be releasing in just over two months, this game will be available on itch.io as per usual and will differ from my previous titles in the way that it will be ported to Linux as well as having the usual Windows release as well. CHAOS 3 is going well and will hopefully be out by the deadline that I have set. (1st November)

CHAOS 4 on the other hand isn't going so well.

As I said above I have devoted all my efforts onto CHAOS 3 while focusing very little on CHAOS 4, to make matters worse, I planned to make CHAOS 4 in a whole new engine called Duality as opposed to GameMaker Studio that saw the development of Project Plasma Mobile (not Project Plasma) and CHAOS 3. I have been playing around with Duality today and holy shit it's miles different from what I'm used to and it will take some time to learn. However I currently don't have that time right now so as a result, CHAOS 4 will follow the path of CHAOS 2 and 3 and be made in GM Studio. There will probably be a Duality-based game in the future, but due to time constraints this won't be it.

CHAOS 5 won't be it either. (Roll on CHAOS 6 maybe?)

This is good and bad as it means I won't get the experience I want with this engine, but it does also mean that a Linux port will be available for this game as I bought the Ubuntu module for GM Studio yesterday. As I want to give out CHAOS 4 download keys to on the same day as CHAOS 3's release, the lack of development may push the release of both games back by a few days although pre-orders will still start on the day planned.

Which, in case I haven't said this yet, will be 21st September. The actual names of these two games will also be unveiled on this date.

Another thing I need to get across is that I start my next year at college at the beginning of September so obviously this will have an impact on the development of CHAOS 3 and CHAOS 4. Hopefully I should still have a lot of time to spare however as it will be the beginning of the year and there shouldn't be much coursework on so development should still go relatively smoothly.

All of the dates that have been set will be shown on the Game Changelogs page of the blog.

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