4 August 2015

PPM and CHAOS 3 Related News

It's past 3am here and I'm tired so I'm gonna try and keep this relatively short.

People have been wondering what the hell's been going on with PPM 1.1 which was due out last month, however I didn't put it out last month as the development of CHAOS 3 wasn't going as smoothly as I hoped. Project Plasma Mobile v1.1 will mostly be arriving after the release of CHAOS 3 and it's accompanying bonus game, CHAOS 4. It will most likely arrive at the same time as PP v1.0.4 which I plan to just be a minor update. To recap, PPM v1.1 will bring levels 9 and 10 to the game. These will be Elite levels which work similar to levels 23, 24, and 25 in the PC version of the game.

The good news is that CHAOS 3's development is now back on track and the development process is running much smoother. Expect to see CHAOS 3 this November, pre-orders will likely open up in October. These are my personal target dates and are flexible.

CHAOS 4 will likely be first seen with the pre-orders however it is possible that CHAOS 4 won't be handed out until CHAOS 3 is released to the public. Instead what I'll likely do is hand out a link to everyone who pre-ordered CHAOS 3 so they get access to CHAOS 4. This link will likely be deleted after a set amount of time to prevent abuse. The names of both CHAOS 3 and CHAOS 4 will be revealed when the games are up for pre-order.

As mentioned in a couple of older blog posts, CHAOS 3 will use GameMaker Studio as its engine (same as PPM) whereas CHAOS 4 will make use of an engine called Duality, an engine rarely seen in games so I figured I'd give it a try.

As for CHAOS 5, well I can reveal to you all now that this will be Project Plasma 2 and the development of this will probably start around Christmas time this year, PP2 however will be covered in a future blog post as it isn't very relevant to what I'm talking about here but I hope to have that released by May 2016 although this largely depends on when development of this begins and of course when CHAOS 3 and CHAOS 4 are both complete.

Anyway that's it from me tonight, fuck I need to get to bed.

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