14 September 2015

One Week Until Pre-Orders

In literally just seven days, CHAOS 3 along with its counterpart CHAOS 4 will go up for pre-order. This blog post will let everyone know how things will work with these two games.

You will be able to pre-order the game via Itch using its pre-order system which works just like you bought the game. When pre-ordering the game you will also get CHAOS 4 for free as a bonus game, however the jury is still out as to how I would distribute that.

The options I am considering are...

  1. Include it within the files for CHAOS 3, so when you pre-order it you instantly get CHAOS 4 off the bat, although this would give me less time to polish the game.
  2. Make a separate page for CHAOS 4, and when CHAOS 3 is released I send a group email out with a download link for CHAOS 4. Such a system can be abused however.
  3. Send out download links for CHAOS 4 specifically for each person as soon as they pre-order CHAOS 3. When a game is bought I will know the email of the person who bought it which will enable me to send them a link to CHAOS 4 directly.
I will also contact itch.io directly to see if there are any other options.

CHAOS 3's release date has also been pushed back - I simply need more time to finish it. The new release for CHAOS 3 is 19th November however pre-orders will start on 21st September. Project Plasma 2 will enter development about two weeks after the game's release.

That's all from me this time, hopefully my next post will be one announcing the pre-orders for CHAOS 3 where the name of both games will revealed.


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