9 August 2015

Upcoming Updates for PP/PPM

Yes, another early-hours blog post.

In my last blog post I put out I talked Project Plasma Mobile (CHAOS 2,) CHAOS 3, CHAOS 4, and I briefly touched up on Project Plasma 2 (CHAOS 5) and gave estimates as to when these games (or in the case of PPM, an update to the game) would be available.

To recap...
  • CHAOS 3 will hopefully be out in late-October. (Halloween maybe?)
  • CHAOS 4 will be a pre-order bonus that will be given away as a free download to all those who pre-order CHAOS 3. Pre-orders will likely go up next month if everything goes well.
  • Project Plasma 2's development will commence in December and will aim for a June 2016 release with CHAOS 6's development starting shortly after that. (I know I didn't mention CHAOS 6 in the post but I've got basic game ideas planned all the way up to CHAOS 9 so yeah)
However I was focusing mostly on future, currently unreleased games whereas I didn't focus much on my current titles - those being Project Plasma (CHAOS 1) and Project Plasma Mobile (CHAOS 2.)

The next update for Project Plasma will either be called 1.0.4 or 1.1 depending on whether I decide to release a big update or not. If it's 1.0.4, expect a few minor tweaks and bug fixes. If it's 1.1, expect some major new content that will likely be in the form of bonus content for those who've completed the main 25 levels of the game. Currently v1.1 is looking more likely as I've got a bonus boss planned for the elite players among you who are able to complete the bonus level (X) while meeting a certain, yet-to-be-decided criteria. (Mostly involving time, score, health remaining.etc)

Project Plasma v1.0.4/v1.1 will be arriving in late-September, just before the release of CHAOS 3. I know I said Project Plasma wouldn't receive any more major updates but I thought of a couple of big ideas and I simply couldn't resist including them in the next (or upcoming) update.

As for Project Project Mobile (aka the little bitch brother of Project Plasma) this will be a major update that will add two more levels to the game. This will likely arrive a few days after the release CHAOS 3 so we can expect this to be released in early November. All this will do is add in levels 9 and 10 as elite levels within the game however as I keep reiterating - this game is a prototype and is currently at the absolute bottom priority for updates.

That's all from me for tonight.


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