2 March 2015

Project Plasma v1.0 Delay and Unreal Engine 4 Stuff

Two things getting covered today. Project Plasma and a topic that I doubt anyone who reads this blog would expect to see, Unreal Engine.

First off, Project Plasma v1.0 (no longer v1.0.0) has been pushed back to next Sunday due to personal issues. This update will definitely be out by then and if I feel something needs to be fixed I will do so in a small follow-up patch (v1.0.1.)

Next up is Unreal Engine 4 which has officially gone free, although you do have to pay royalties to Epic Games, the developers of UE4, once you earn a certain amount. Still this is a bullet I'm more than willing to bite if it means I, along with over developers, are able to use this powerful engine for free.

So, what does this mean? Does this mean Mystery Game 1 will be made using UE4?

No. Sadly I lack enough skill and experience with that engine in order for me to make a fully fledged game with it. Mystery Game 1 will be made with GameMaker: Studio, just like Project Plasma Mobile. What this does mean however is that you can probably expect a UE game somewhere down the line. At my current rate of learning/experience gathering, we'll probably be into Mystery Game 5 or 6 by then.

The next post will likely be a rant, while it won't be the rant I began typing up last month it is based around a similar topic. If it isn't a rant, it'll be PP v1.0's changelog. Stick around.

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