9 March 2015

Project Plasma v1.0 Changelog

And we're finally here at v1.0 of Project Plasma. The game is now officially out of open beta and will be at full price. Although because I'm nice, I've decided to give you guys an extra seven days to get the game at half price before the price goes up. So, let's roll out the changelog.
  • Two easter eggs added. (Level X was the only real easter egg before this update.)
    • Ultra-hard mode added. I'm not going to describe what it does yet (other than make the game harder obviously) or how to enable it, but if you beat the first five levels with it enabled I will truly respect you. This easter egg is vital to unlocking Level X now as the first log disc can only be found on UH-Mode. I can be so cruel at times...
      • People who keep track of video gaming pop culture will likely figure out how to activate ultra-hard mode pretty swiftly. That is the only clue I'll be giving you...
  • New vortex graphic. (As seen on levels 7 and 11)
  • Added another enemy ship to level 25.
  • Free demo version of the game will also available to download. (Will be up sometime during this week)
    • The demo features the first four levels of the game plus level 17 to give people a chance to see what the game is like from both ends of the game. Easter eggs and any extras such as Level X or the Music Hub are not available in the demo.
  • Equinox's laser turret now turns slightly faster during its second attack phase.
  • Level 24's pre-level/intermission text has now been modified slightly.
This does not mean there will be no more updates for Project Plasma, there will likely be a few updates in the future, but these will most likely be only very minor tweaks and bug fixes however the game is now fully released and a free demo is also in the works.

Also, I am aware that the game has been uploaded a day later than I previously promised. Once again GameMaker 8.1 decided to screw me over and I had no end of problems trying to fix this issue that stopped the game from exporting (it would get near the end and fail, though I was able to playtest it just fine which was strange) so I had lots of fun sorting that out. GameMaker 8.1 will NOT be used in any future games, GameMaker: Studio (which is far less of a pain in the arse to use) will be used instead.
Now back to work on Project Plasma Mobile, and then after that - Mystery Game 1!

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