22 February 2015

Introduction to Bonus Games, Naming Conventions, and Where's That Rant?

Here's a little thing I decided to introduce - Bonus Games!

A bonus game is a game that can only be bought at a certain time, usually coming with a game that is up for pre-order. Bonus games will only be available to those who pre-order a certain game (you know, sort of a pre-order incentive) and will be much smaller than their parent game that they come with, but it gives people a little bit extra for pre-ordering.

Project Plasma Mobile will not have a bonus game with its release, however the game after that (dubbed Mystery Game 1 for now) will likely come with a bonus game. I will also be probably up with a new naming convention for future games as referring to them as Mystery Game 1, 2, 3 and so on seems a little too relative. Once Mystery Game 3 is out, I could refer to it as Mystery Game 4 or go back to Mystery Game 1, increasing it to 4 would confuse new readers. For now I'll keep with this naming convention though.

The first bonus game has already been planned...

As for the rant I promised last time, well I've decided to hold my tongue on it for now. It will likely resurface at some point though but hopefully not for some time yet.

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