18 February 2015

Let's Pick Up The Pace

I think it's fair to say that when it comes to game development, I've not exactly been rushing myself. In fact, I've actually been going the other way and working too slowly.

Take Project Plasma for instance, I could've probably got that out around 3 months earlier than I did. I could've had it out for late-June, have the mobile port for September/October, then be working on my next project (noted as Mystery Game 1 on this blog) and have it out for April. Instead, I ended up procrastinating too much - I ended up taking too many breaks for too long and this had a severe detrimental impact on the game's development. This is also why Project Plasma isn't as good looking graphically as it could have been.

Anyway, for the next few game projects I'm going to be working myself into a bit of an overdrive. I will be working much faster on games while hopefully not rushing to the point where they turn out like crap. This is partially because I have several game projects planned and partly to make up for time lost during Project Plasma's heavily procrastinated development. PP v1.0.0 will hopefully be out on March 1st although if I feel any additional work needs to be done I will be pushing that back to March 8th, but no later. Project Plasma Mobile will appear later in the month (most likely to be released between March 28th and March 31st although as with Project Plasma v1.0.0, it may spill over into early April if I feel anything extra needs to be done, although this is unlikely as this game will be released as a prototype.

Obviously I will still be taking some breaks from all of this, everyone needs to do that in order to avoid burning out. However there is a strict line between taking a break and flat-out procrastinating and I crossed that line and ran a mile beyond it with Project Plasma.

The next blog post will sadly be a rant however I've held my breath on the matter the rant will regard far too long and I feel it's time to speak up. More than that at the time though.

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