21 December 2014

Project Plasma v0.9.5 (Solstice Update) Changelog

PP v0.9.5 is a huge update. Bigger than any of the updates done previously.
  • More station debris added to Level X
  • More enemies added to Level X
  • Arachnid Mk2's central body now shoots bullets and rockets even faster and fires in bursts of six instead of bursts of five.
  • Player stats added to the main menu screen.
    • This includes things like the player's current score, cash and how many levels they've completed.
  • Fixing pre-Level X text to accommodate the level 25 boss's name change from the 0.9.1 update.
  • Fixed Orbital Mk2's name in the pre-Level X text (originally said "Orbiter Mk2" when it should've been "Orbital Mk2")
  • Tweaked a line in the pre-Level X text.
    • Also added a line.
  • Fixed Plasma Shot not showing up in shop. (This bug meant you weren't able to see the price of the Plasma Shot or how much you could buy in one go.)
    • For the record the Plasma Shot costs 300 for one shot.
As usual, the game can be bought here:

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