30 December 2014

Project Plasma v0.9.6 Changelog

So Christmas (and my birthday) have both gone and passed for another year and I'm releasing another update to Project Plasma. This is update v0.9.6 and it focuses heavily bug fixes and tweaks. It also features major improvements to the game's Epilepsy Mode.

  • Audio bug fixed on level 15 where the game would crash during the boss fight with Davagon.
  • Various changes made to Davagon
    • The boss's silencer bullets no longer attempt to fire at the player (I'm saying attempt cos they always went is a completely different direction) and instead shoot diagonally. They also shoot at much higher intervals (1 every 15 secs down from 2 every sec.)
    • Davagon cash rewards quadrupled.
      • Davagon now gives 33000 cash. (Up from 8250, seriously it has 80000 health 8250 cash for that is just unfair)
      • Score rewards remain the same (9200)
  • Sprinter's jammer bullets now fire in a spiral due to the same bug that affected the Davagon's silencer bullets.
  • Trinity now has a multi-coloured explosion upon death. (Blue, Red, and Yellow)
  • Sawblade's explosion is no longer green.
  • Hellfire's outer ring, Davagon's turret, and Sawblade as a whole will now spin much slower when Epilepsy Mode is on. (Speed reductions vary)
  • Crystalline's death explosion is now blue.
  • Decurion will now fire immobiliser bullets in boss attack.
  • Tempest's switcher bullets now fire at a significantly reduced rate (shot interval octupled.)
  • Tempest now enters its second attack phase at 5000 health. (Down from 10000.)
  • Directional Cannon ammo now costs 5 cash. (Down from 10.)
    • Now you finally have a use for that annoying leftover 5 cash from killing that annoying enemy that has to give a non-round amount of cash upon death.
  • Switcher and jammer effect bullets now have their own unique sound effects.
This update was released in a hurry due to an imminent computer upgrade (which means I'll be away from the computer for around a day) and I was only able to test levels 1-23 so there may be bugs in levels 24 and 25 that I may not have covered. I'll be testing these last two levels after the computer upgrade and doing further bug fixes if necessary in 0.9.7. Also, v0.9.7 will likely be the final open beta before 1.0.0 which means that you've not got long left before the price goes up if you're looking to buy PP!

Also PP Mobile will be arriving on itch.io shortly in the new year as well. More than that in the next blog post!

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