27 December 2014

Game Development Timeline

I figured as I am currently working on my second game title (a follow up to Project Plasma, but still) I figured I'd post a timeline of what I plan on putting out. This timeline goes from September 2014 all the way to October 2017. All dates are in European format (dd/mm/yyyy)

All dates below are estimates or goals that I want get the game released by.

  • Project Plasma (23/09/2014)
  • Project Plasma Mobile (--/03/2015)
  • Mystery Game 1 (--/09/2015)
  • Mystery Game 2 (--/03/2016, most likely Project Plasma 2)
  • Mystery Game 3 (--/08/2016)
  • Mystery Game 4 (--/10/2017, this will probably be a particularly big one, hence the big time gap)
I am currently working on a graphical representation of the above timeline as well. Hopefully some of the game will be released sooner than the date stated above and if that ever does happen I will update the above list accordingly.

Work on PP v0.9.6 will start on the 29th December and I'm hoping to get it out before the new year. After that release work on PP Mobile will resume for a release in March. I will also be posting a few things about PPM soon for anyone who's curious about what's going on with it.

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