24 November 2014

Project Plasma v0.9.4 Changelog

PP v0.9.4 is now live. It's nothing too fancy, just a few bug fixes and tweaks. I would've had it up a day earlier but I was hit with a nasty spell of food poisoning which came in tandem with a stinging headache and I just didn't feel up to doing anything but lying down with the lights off and the curtains shut, not to mention I had to hang my head over a toilet and yell RALPH if you catch my drift.

Anyway, enough of my food poisoning experiences, on with the changelog!
  • The boss attack version of Seeker now has 16000 health as well (I forgot to increase the boss attack version's health in the last update.)
  • Each of Seeker's attack phases have been recalculated according to its updated health values.
  • Bullets from the scrolling turrets (levels 9, 10, and 17) now move slightly faster. (9 speed up from 8)
  • Level 9 boss renamed to Sprinter (previously called "Juliet" but this name made no sense)
PP v0.9.5 will be a big update, far bigger than any of the previous updates however it will also take much longer as it will primarily be a graphical update. It will also feature major improvements to levels 7 and 11. The extra level will also be heavily affected by this update.

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