23 December 2015

Itch.io Secret Santa 2015

Hello guys - I'm pleased to announce that I am officially taking part in the official itch.io Secret Santa 2015 set up by itch.io user RAWRsoft! Official thread can be seen here.

What's happening is that we all sign up for the Secret Santa and we each get a person to send a random game to for free. Right now no one knows who their Secret Santa is nor does anyone know what games we are getting. As far as what game I'm giving myself... that has been decided but not revealed for obvious reasons.

At midnight EST (5:00am GMT) we'll be paired up with someone so watch this space... Tomorrow I will hopefully be giving a free game away to some lucky lad or lass.

I will also be putting up another blog post at some point before Christmas about Iron, unfortunately I have some bad news! But that's for next time.

All shall be revealed tomorrow... both the good and the bad.

UPDATE: Congratulations to Tim Rodriguez who was the lucky one to be chosen to be my Secret Santa recipient! He's now enjoying a nice free copy of Project Plasma!

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