23 December 2015

Iron and its Catastrophic Development

Iron is being released on Christmas Day... but not as a full game... or even an open beta.

Progress on Iron has been well... shit...

There is absolutely no way I'll get even the main storyline done by the 25th December deadline which is just over a day away however I don't want to leave you guys hanging so I've decided to do several things.

  • Release Iron as a WIP-game with the unusually low version number of 0.7. This will be open to all and will be a closed alpha at v0.8. It will then once again be available to everyone as an open beta at v0.9. I hope to get to v0.8 (completed storyline) by the new year.
  • Slash the price of Iron down to $1.00 USD until the open beta. This price slash is effective immediately and will be applied on top of the current 60% sale that is happening right now as part of this year's Chaos Symbol sale. The price will return to $1.50 when it hits v0.9. Thallium will remain a bonus game for Iron until v1.0.
I have spoken out against releasing incomplete games in the past, however this will be a one-off as I did promise I'd upload whatever I had by Christmas and I do not intend to do a U-turn on that topic.

I'm sorry this has happened and it won't happen again. I will make sure the first mission at least is done by the time it gets released but Iron's development process has been a complete disaster. Project Plasma's was bad, PPM's wasn't much better, but Iron has definitely taken home the prize so far.

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