30 December 2015

CHAOS 6 Details

GameMaker Studio is currently down. Yay.

That means I can't work on Iron. Yay.

That means I can't start work on Project Plasma 2 either. Yay.

So with CHAOS 3 and 5 incapacitated for the time being and CHAOS 4 already released I guess it's time to give some details on the next title - CHAOS 6.

First off, I'd like to draw attention to this tweet:
And that's exactly what CHAOS 6 is going to be.

CHAOS 6 is a 2D pinball game heavily inspired by Psycho Pinball, a similar DOS-based game from 1995 which I started playing again via DOSBox. This is going to be the first Chaos Symbol game to not use GameMaker: Studio. Instead, this will be a free game that will be made using Scirra Construct 2, as this game is free, there will be no pre-orders and no bonus game being released alongside it.

I was originally planning on doing an engine switch with CHAOS 4 (Thallium) where I planned on using an engine called Duality, however the learning curve here was far too steep and I was running low on time so I decided to stick with GM: Studio.

CHAOS 6's development will start as soon as this blog post is out, however once I get GM: Studio back up and running then I'll be back to developing Iron. Expect CHAOS 6 to arrive late 2016.

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