21 September 2015

CHAOS 3 Pre-orders Start Today

In just over eight hours from now, pre-orders for CHAOS 3 will begin at 9:30pm BST time. Here's some info on what to expect from today and the upcoming days.

The name of the game will be revealed when pre-orders go up at 9:30 along with its bonus counterpart, CHAOS 4 however what I will tell you all now is what you can expect from both games.

CHAOS 3 is a platformer game set in the relatively-near-future and is based around a soldier who returns to action and is being sent on various menial tasks as he has been out of action for a while however things quickly turn dark.

For the bonus game, CHAOS 4, you'll be seeing something a little more basic, it is a simple game similar to Asteroids where the player shoots asteroids and enemies alike in a playfield with procedurally generated entities. This game will be a little more competitive than CHAOS 3 as it will feature a high-score board which will allow friends to compete with each other to see who can get the furthest. This will re-use one sprite from Project Plasma but the rest of the content is completely unique.

And for those who are wondering, yes bonus games are eligible for updates and CHAOS 4 will be receiving a few updates over its lifetime, however as is the case with Project Plasma Mobile, CHAOS 4 will be at a lower priority than CHAOS 3 due to it being a bonus game, however it will still priority over prototype games.

That's all from me for now - see you all in a few hours!

UPDATE: Due to various issues, pre-orders have been postponed to 28th September. I apologise prefusely for any inconvenience, however CHAOS 4 is currently not ready yet.

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