8 June 2015

Things To Do

Here's a little list I made of things I need to do regarding Chaos Symbol. I figured I'd make this public so you guys can see what I'm working and in some cases when it will be released.

  • Create and release CHAOS3. (Target date - Early October, no exact date yet)
  • Create and release CHAOS4. (Target date - Same as above)
  • Release that rant I keep promising. (Target date - None in mind, probably some time this month)
  • Make a "Year in Review" post. (December 31st)
  • Release Project Plasma v1.0.3 (Target date - 5th July)
  • Release Project Plasma Mobile v1.1 (Target date - Late July)
  • Expand to other distribution sites 
    • Currently exclusively on itch.io and will be there for the foreseeable future.
    • GOG is my first choice when it comes to expanding to other distributors.
    • I did plan to expand to Desura and I even set up a page for Project Plasma on there ready for publishing, but...
    • Steam? Not yet, probably not for a while but it will likely happen at some point.
    • I am open to suggestions if anyone knows of any other places that will accept indie games.
  • Submit Project Plasma (and Mystery Game 1) to reviewers.
    • CHAOS3 will be sent to reviewers from January 2016.
    • Project Plasma will be sent out from 13th June.
    • Project Plasma Mobile will not be sent to reviewers due to it being a prototype.
  • Add official Chaos Symbol branding to PP and PPM.
  • Start work on Project Plasma 2 (Most likely beginning of December)
So that's my list of things I need to do. Like I said I made this public so you guys can see what games I'm working on and when to expect certain things that I may have promised in the past have not yet delivered.

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