28 July 2015

Project Plasma v1.0.3 Changelog

So here's PP v1.0.3, I am aware that it is overdue (the to-do list I posted stated this would be out on 5th July) but development of CHAOS 3 hasn't been going as smoothly as I had hoped (PPM v1.1 will also be delayed.) I'll be going into more detail on that in a future blog post but for now, here's PP v1.0.3.

This update is exclusively for the full version of the game and will not be ported to the demo version (so the free demo will remain on v1.0.2.)
  • Save files now have their own file extension and go under a different file name.
    • The save file for most levels is now called "pp1save.PLSV" (previously called playersave)
    • The save file for level X is now called pp1Xsave.PLSV (previously called playersaveX)
  • The long thin lasers fired by the bosses Dynast and Crystalline now deal 25 damage. (Up from 20)
  • The thin shots fired in Crystalline's final phase now travel at a higher speed. (13 speed up from 10, re-fire rate has not been changed.)
  • Health packs now heal the player by 20%. (Down from 30%)
Also from this point on, all PP updates will be uploaded as .7z archives (they were formerly .zip archives) to keep the uploaded file size down. This means faster uploads for me and faster downloads for you although it will mean you'll need to download some external third-party software to open the files. I personally suggest using 7-zip as its free and doesn't nag the shit out of you for not buying it like WinRAR does.

7-zip can be downloaded here
Project Plasma can be purchased/downloaded here
Project Plasma Mobile (prototype) can be downloaded for Android devices here

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