23 October 2014

Urgent Fix for Project Plasma (v0.9.2 Live)

I have recently discovered that I need to fix something on Project Plasma. This fix is regarding a font change. "Now what's so urgent about that?" Well I'll tell you.

Project Plasma makes heavy use of two fonts - OCR A Extended (seen a lot on the HUD) which as many people are well aware of is a default font that comes with Windows. The second font is a font called Skirmisher which is made by a font developer called Iconian Fonts. The Skirmisher font can be used freely for non-commerical uses but it is donationware for commerical use. In other words, you can only use the font for commercial purposes if you donate a sum of money to the developer. This is what I did in order to get permission to use the Skirmisher font for Project Plasma.

However, before Skirmisher was used I used a font called Vyper, also by Iconian Fonts. I originally planned to use Vyper for Project Plasma instead of Skirmisher. Back when I made this choice I was unaware that the fonts were so I happily used Vyper for everything and later on I started using Skirmisher. When I found out that certain fonts have licenses I realised I screwed up by not checking what license each font I used had.

Since I didn't want to spend too much money on this game., I had to choose between Vyper and Skirmisher, I chose Skirmisher. I changed all the fonts from Vyper to Skirmisher (which meant I had to redesign a couple of graphics as well) and donated $20.00 to Iconian Fonts (about £12.30 at the time) to use the font commerically. I emailed Iconian telling them that I made a donation to use the font for the game and they replied with what was essentially the "go ahead" signal to use it. Project Plasma v0.9 was put on sale almost immediately after.

Unfortunately I just realised that I forgot to change the font from Vyper to Skirmisher in the highscore list at the end of the game. So that's pretty what this update will be about, changing the font from Vyper to something else on the scoreboard. I know it's a very minor update but it's certainly necessary - as an indie developer I really don't think it'll go down too well if someone has to take legal action against me, especially if they've only just recently released their first game!

PP v0.9.2 will be worked on immediately but probably won't hit itch.io by tomorrow afternoon due to my college hours.

Also, I strongly suggest anyone looking for some good fonts checks out Iconian Fonts. The guy who makes the fonts has a huge selection available. You check the selection out for yourself by following this link below:

Update: Project Plasma v0.9.2 is now live. Get it here.

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