21 October 2014

Project Plasma v0.9.1 Is Now Live!

Yes it's true, god knows how long after I announced I was postponing it's about to hit itch.io! PP v0.9.1 isn't a very big update - it doesn't really do much, although it will make it easier for rookie players in the early levels.

Here is the full list of what has been done.

  • Asteroids are now packed less densely on level 1. (Less asteroids basically, spread further apart. Yes I'm aware there a variety of off-colour jokes that can said to that...)
  • Grey asteroids now do 60% health damage to the player. (down from 70%)
    • Blue asteroids in the later levels still do 70% collision damage.
  • Grey asteroid kill rewards increased.
    • 40 points, up from 30
    • 120 cash, up from 100
  • The level 25 boss has been renamed from "Archangel" to "Dynast."
    • This is because I have big plans for a future game and I want to save the name "Archangel" for that. Don't expect it any time soon though.
The ZIP file has been compressed and I'm just about to upload it to itch.io. It will be is now available to download at the usual location which I've provided a link to below.


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