5 October 2014

Indiegogo Misuse (Rant)

Indiegogo, a crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter where you pitch a project you want to proceed with and try and get funding for it in order to make it happen. At least, that's what it was originally intended for...

I went through Indiegogo the other day to see if there was anything worth checking out, particularly in the gaming section of the site. I saw some pretty worthwhile projects, unfortunately I also a lot of BS like this...

Oh and my personal "favourite..."
Scrounging at its lowest form right here people.
Seriously guys...

Indiegogo is a site for getting funding for projects, NOT for funding your PS4/Xbox One/new gaming PC.etc. (Protip: If you want to see more like that, just search up any console name on Indiegogo.)

That last one is just classic "my sister is sick so I need a PS4." Okay so you're sister is sick, yes that sucks, but why do you need a PS4 for her? Is there really nothing else for her to do? If the answer is no when get your own money and buy your own PS4. A lot of these people aren't offering any incentives for people who fund these mouth-breathers either, luckily the majority of them aren't buying into their sob stories (or in the case of the fourth guy, not buying into a load of cussing on the funding page.)

Unfortunately, some people are funding these guys. This is exactly the kind of crap that needs to discouraged and flushed out of crowdfunding sites such as Indiegogo, and this shit can be discouraged by simply not funding these muppets. Sad thing is, one person actually managed to get their console through media like this? Why you ask? Because she was a girl gamer...

Now I'm not being misogynist, but I believe that women should be treated exactly the same as men, and that doesn't mean giving them extra advantages just for being a woman, and no it certainly doesn't mean treating them like they're below men either. It means giving them the exact same status men have. If you wouldn't fund one gender who pulls this crap, don't fund someone of the other gender who pulls the same crap.

This pisses me off so much because so many legit projects that do deserve a level or merit end up getting pushed down and forgotten about as these layabouts beg for money only for them to not give anything back in return.

Not got any money for a PS4? Well, I have a solution for that! And no it's not post more sob stories on crowdfunding sites. It's a great solution that benefits society as a whole and you get your console. And the grand solution is...


Indiegogo is a great site, but it's sad to see it constantly get abused on a regular basis by people who seem to think they can work their way through society by mooching off of others and grovelling for cash. These are the guys who'll probably end up sitting on the streets begging for spare change when they finally move out.

That reminds me, I need a new graphics card and CPU for this computer. Got any change to spare, anyone?

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