18 January 2016


This is a topic I held back from mentioning here as I felt it was too personal to share however I feel that I seriously need to let people in on this as it will provide some insight as to what's going on, particularly with Iron and its development.

I have come to the conclusion that I've suffered from a complete burnout, more than likely down to pushing myself too hard to get various things done - Iron and my coursework at college both in particular. How have I been feeling? Well, it has been affecting me I'll say that. I won't go all typical Tumblr lass on you all and be all "oh I'm so depressed I hate my life" because that's not the case. I have been suffering from bouts of depression which have inhibited me from working at my normal pace, but these have just been bouts of depression and I do end up recovering from them. It's not the end of the world.

Without getting too personal, I will say that I'm currently trying ways to overcome this situation. The main thing I'm doing is that starting at the beginning of February, I'll be developing Project Plasma 2 alongside Iron. I was saying in my last blog post that PP2 seems like a much more exciting prospect than Iron and that looking ahead to that is making me seem bored, even somewhat disillusioned, with Iron and developing it is seeming more and more like a chore. I won't cancel it as I've put too much time into it now, but as of February it will be taking more of a back seat and I'll be flitting between PP2 and Iron's development.

If a game seems like a chore to develop, I won't develop it.

I will make sure Iron is released before PP2 however which is pretty likely as PP2 looks like it'll take ages to complete. I will give more details on PP2 as well comparisons between PP2 and its predecessor as well as PPM to see how things will improve from its predecessor which was released around a year and a half ago (no PPM doesn't count.)

I'll get through this, I'm not horrendously depressed or anything and I don't want people reading this to think I'm trying to turn this blog into a fucking stereotypical Tumblr blog. I guess the best I could describe things right now would be me being somewhat disillusioned by certain things, however I'll find ways to work around these issues.