1 November 2015

Iron and Halloween

Okay so first off Happy Halloween guys. Yes I know I'm a bit late with that but I've been in Leeds all day today and I'm absolutely shattered (I literally just flopped straight into bed as I soon as I came home) so I'll try and make this relatively short.

So guys the first thing I want to cover is Iron which I did say is gunning for a 19th November release but this is a sadly unrealistic goal after seeing how much progress is being done, however I do want this brought out before the year. Like I said in my last post on here this is something that I'm standing by on. The release date however has been moved back to 19th December and what I will do I will try and get the main campaign complete by this date. At this point I will then release game as an open beta at v0.9 like what I did with Project Plasma. I didn't want to do this with Iron but reviewing the circumstances I feel this is the best course action for both me and you guys right now.

The second thing is the lack of Halloween sale. Every year, I put on a Halloween sale however I unfortunately forgot to set the dates for a Halloween sale this year. The result? No sale unfortunately. However instead I will be having a Post-Halloween Sale starting on 2nd November and spanning until 8th November. Another thing I'll do to make up for this is increase the discount from 25% like what we had last year to 30%. This sale will affect Project Plasma and Iron. Thallium will be affected due to it being a free bonus game for those who pre-order Iron.

Fun fact: The 2014 Halloween sale was the first sale I put up on itch.io.

Anyway that's all from me this time. Hope you guys are having, or in my case have had a good Halloween. I'll be working on Iron like hell from here on out and I hope to start production of Project Plasma 2 in late December (around Christmas time.)

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