25 October 2015

Statement Regarding Iron and Thallium

So guys, as promised, I am releasing a statement regarding Iron's late pre-orders and future and hopefully you guys will be able to understand why things have been a bit rough lately with this game.

On Wednesday 22nd October I put pre-orders up for Iron, more than two weeks (17 days to be exact) after it was due to go up. The delays were down to the fact that I wanted to get Thallium ready to be released as a bonus game alongside Iron's pre-orders like I promised. Normally I have very little problem with releasing games late (although it is best avoided when possible) as usually they are delayed to fix a bug (as was the case here) or to make last minute improvements which is important as a game will be delayed temporarily, but will be known forever as a shit game if it's brayed by critics (Sonic 06 being a good example, or even the so-bad-it's-hilarious game Big Rigs.)

The bug was involved the upgrade shop where buying a damage upgrade wouldn't deduct however much Thallium it cost you to buy the upgrade. I fixed this, but I was only able to find the issue (or rather, find a fix for it) a while after pre-orders were due up. This is partly my fault, I didn't put as much work into it as I could have, however there is now a very big thing eating up a lot of my time since September - college.

I am currently at college for two days per week this year which is pretty lenient compared to a lot of cases. However as assignments are given out I often need to spend time at home to complete them, as was the case recently. Obviously I need to place assignments above my career as assignments have set-in-stone deadlines, whereas when I set a deadline for a game, it is much more flexible and I can change this as I see fit. I work past one of my game deadlines, fair enough. But if I miss a college deadline, I'm in the shit pretty much.

The good news is that the half-term holidays have come around now and all of my assignments that were due in have now been handed in and I have no assignments to work on over half-term. This means I can focus my efforts on Iron full-time this week.

The deadline I have set for Iron is November 19th as I iterated before - this hasn't changed, however there is a good chance in light of recent events that I will end up working past that deadline so a December release is possible. One thing I am adamant about is I will make sure I have this game released before the new year. Also, I haven't had the chance to upload screenshots of Iron yet to the official itch.io page, these will come over the course of this week so people will know what they're in for.

In the mean time, I best get going and working on Iron. My November 19th deadline is less than a month away although this deadline is flexible and can be changed if I need to change it.

Iron: http://archangelatom.itch.io/iron
Thallium: http://archangelatom.itch.io/thallium

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