22 August 2016

Late August Update

This blog has been pretty stark lately, I guess should explain a few things to you guys.

There's been a lot going on over the last few weeks, firstly there was a bridging unit I had to do at college to make it onto a games development foundation degree course which I unfortunately failed. I have also been contemplating a few major things - some of which a lot of you will think are good, and some which people will probably grimace at but these things will likely happen. I'll mention that in a future update.

First thing I should clear up is Iron, I've hit a major snag with that - one that affects Project Plasma 2 as well. This snag is something kind of personal that I will likely disclose at a later date in one bombshell-of-a-post. When that drops though it will be big, and will likely even qualify as a Wham Episode. This will not only be one hell of a U-turn on everything, but it will also open up a brand new avenue which I'm hoping you guys will really look forward to and enjoy when all that comes to fruition.

I'll hopefully have an update on that out in late-September, after the Jide Remix Mini review and the follow up to one of my previous rants, Feature Removal Competition Bonanza. Hell it may even come as soon as tomorrow... we'll see. (I doubt it'll come that early but it's possible.)

The second thing I want to cover here is the Remix Mini that I promised around two months (?) ago. This is still coming and I am working on it bit by bit. I hope to get it up by the end of the month. The follow up to the FRCB rant (linked above) will likely follow shortly after, probably when the iPhone 7 is released (see that rant to see why I'm timing it like that.)

Watch this space... I guess...

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