9 May 2016

What Am I Doing For Itch.io Week?

For those who aren't aware, itch.io is having a special week this week and we're all doing stuff for it! If you want more info see here.

So what part am I playing in this? Mostly sales but other things as well.

Project Plasma

  • Can be bought a whopping 70% off for this week.
  • Will try to ship out v1.1 this week (no promises) Due to time constraints regarding college assignments this won't be happening. Sorry!
  • Project Plasma download key giveaway! (Please only take one key or your second key will be revoked.)
    • 2 keys on Thursday
    • 5 keys on Friday

Project Plasma Mobile

  • Nothing...


  • Will make a start on recreating this.


  • This bonus game will be available for free for this week.

Project Plasma 2

  • Will post teasers and concept sketches (maybe.)

Well... that's all I can do I guess. There might be a few things that I'll get involved in on top of all that, but right now that's all there is to it.

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